So a few weeks back I just added a short update saying life has been crazy. Basically after 9 months of unemployment, my husband was hired at a camp 600+ miles away and we decided to just pack up and leave. We both preferred to be back in the north and since unemployment was lower where we were headed than where we had been…well it seemed like an easy choice. So we put almost everything into storage, gave a bunch of stuff away and brought clothing and immediate needed stuff with us. We had a pretty calm summer in the white mountains of new hampshire at camp. Though I do not reccomend 5 people living in a 16×20 one bedroom cabin. When camp was over hubby was hired at a college pretty quickly. Rent is very expensive in this state and at this point we are living with an old friend of my husband’s and his family. These are virtual strangers to me. We do have plenty of space in our own area so that is a blessing. It can be very stressful at times to have 2 wives and mothers in one house because we do things differently. I don’t understand polygamysts and the whole “sister wives” thing….They must be holding alot of tension inside over sharing a home with other grown women. Anyway….we are trying to catch up on bills, get out of debt, save money and get into our own place but I doubt it will happen as quickly as I would like.

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