Computer virus???

So yesterday morning my computer just stopped working in the middle of browsing here on wordpress.  I couldn’t even turn the blasted thing off.  I was convinced thay my system had been hijacked and someone in some internet cafe in a foreign country was going to empty my bank account!  Turned out the stupid thing probably just overheated.  So what is the point?  Why did God allow my computer to go wacky?  I mean I believe all things work together and that God is sovereign over everything.

#1 I overreact and need to remember not to worry!  God is in control, it is not that big of a deal!

#2  Addiction is not  limited to drugs and alcohol.  Addiction can happen with anything that takes over and comes before the Lord. Within a very short time of getting this laptop and getting hooked up to the internet, I was on it waaaay  too much!  I was neglecting other parts of my life such as my time with the Lord.

God can use the mundane little things that happen in your life to get your attention and teach  you things.

By the way, if you mosy through, do me a big favor and let me know, leave me a message or a rating so i know what you like and don;t like.  I am up for discussion and opinions!

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  • eviejane  On March 9, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Wow-you hit the nail on the head today. Thanks for the reminders!

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